#1 All Systems Shazam Whitening Gel 237ml - Cleansing gel that removes discoloration on the coat

230 kr
Type: Styling

#1 All Systems Shazam Whitening Gel 237ml.

An easy-to-use gel that removes discoloration from your dog or cat's fur. The gel removes discoloration caused by, for example, urine, tears or food. It strengthens and treats the coat in a way that prevents the appearance of new discolorations.

How to use #1 All Systems Shazam Whitening Gel.

To get the most out of #1 All Systems Whitening gel, we recommend combining it with #1 All Systems Whitening Shampoo

  1. The gel is used between baths.
  2. Apply #1 All Systems Shazam Ghitening Gel where needed with a cosmetic brush, cotton pads or clean fingers
  3. Be careful when the eyes. Should the product get into the eye, we recommend that you rinse with cold water for about 5-10 minutes.
  4. After about three applications, we recommend that you bathe your dog or cat and start over.

The gel can be applied to both dry and wet freshly washed fur. For best results, the gel should be used several days in a row for about 14 days.