A small family business since 1974.

We have been in the business for a long time. It all started long before there was internet and online sales, the year was 1974 and Maja had a vision to find the world's best shampoo for her dogs Lilly and David. A lot has happened since then and today we have a handpicked celection of fur shampoo, fur conditioner, dog treats, toys and accessories for both dogs and cats.

#1 All Systems

One of the worlds's best brands when it comes to fur care. #1 All Systems was founded by Roberta Lombardi in California. Her products are based on ingredients from the plant kingdom and the brand offers everything from fur shampoo to slicker brush .

#1 All system range

Laser Lites

Laser Lites from Australia was founded by Dr. Paul Hewitt who, among other things, has over 30 years of experience with Afghans, Salukis and Lhasa Apsos. In our celection you will find popular products such as Drape , Protein Treatment , X-treme Conditioning and Long Life brush .

Laser Lites collection

Trim table

Our trim tables are useful for a lot! They can be easily be folded and brought to shows or used on in your grooming saloon

Loog at our trim tables