Animal Health Pet Bed Wash – detergent for dog and cat beds

198 kr
Type: Hygiene

Detergent that helps you deep clean your dog's dog bed or cat's cat bed.

The dog and cat's bed can get really dirty and damp, which creates a lot of bacteria and smells. With Animal Health Pet Bed Wash, you get a product that deep cleans the bed in no time. It removes bacteria and odors.

The product contains optical whitening agents that fight bacteria even at low temperatures. It is optimal for young animals with sensitive skin and fur.


This is how you clean your dog or cat bed

  • Use the product concentrated on stains before washing. Rub a small amount of the detergent into the stain first.
  • Add 75 ml of Pet Bed Wash to the washing machine and select the program that best suits your dog's or cat's bed.
  • Alternatively, add 75 ml to a bucket of water for hand washing.

If your pet bed is lightly soiled, skip the first step and wash as usual.