Laser Lites Lanolin Conditioner - Intensive conditioning treatment for sun-bleached or damaged fur

195 kr
Type: Conditioner

Laser Lite's Lanolin Conditioner

Conditioner to help treat damaged fur. Your pet's fur can lose its original coat for many different reasons, such as the sun or chemical exposure. Laser Lite's Lanolin Conditioner also helps fur with split ends.

If you have a show dog or cat, you can use this product before the competition instead of regular conditioner to build up volume in the fur and give extra shine.

Works for both long-haired and short-haired furs. Contains lanolin oil, free from silicone.


How to use Laser Lites Lanolin Conditioner 0.5

  1. Wash the fur as usual with your favorite shampoo.
  2. Dilute 50 to 100 ml of Laser Lites Lanolin Conditioner in a 1 liter bottle.
  3. The conditioner should be worked in thoroughly through the fur.
  4. Then rinse through the fur to get an even distribution of the conditioner.
  5. Style as usual.

A tip. Mix the conditioner in hot water and then let them cool before use to get the best results.