#1 All Systems Botanical Conditioner - Conditioner for soft and difficult to work fur

255 kr
Type: Conditioner

#1 All System Botanical Conditioner

Balm treatment for the most difficult to treat strong> and soft furs. #1 All Systems Botanical Conditioner contains botanical extracts that create moisture, texture and shine. The conditioner makes the hard-to-manage coats easy to work with without tangles, electricity and highlights the natural fur structure. Suitable for example bichon frize, American cocker spaniel and shi-tzu.

#1 All Systems Botanical Conditioner is available in both 473 ml and 3.78 l and can be combined with all #1 All Systems shampoo.

How to use #1 All Systems Botanical Conditioner

  1. Dilute about 3-4 tablespoons with a liter of water.
  2. Massage the conditioner thoroughly into the coat so that the entire coat is covered.
  3. Leave it on for a few minutes, depending on the condition of the coat.
  4. The conditioner can be left in the fur, so you can rinse sparingly to distribute it evenly in the fur.