CityPet towel for dogs and cats in microfiber 100*60 cm

159 kr
by CityPet
Type: Towel

Our own towel in highly absorbent microfiber.

The towel is a must after a rainy day or a bath. Our towel was developed in consultation with one of our customers who has run dog grooming for many years. It is ssuper soft, has incredible absorbency and made of microfiber that dries up to four times faster than a regular towel. The towel is perfectly suited to use for dogs, cats, horses... yes actually all fur animals. A tip, if you have long or thick hair yourself, try the towel on yourself and compare it to your regular towel at home :)

Dimensions: 100*60 cm


Our beautiful model is called Affe and has become super handsome with Nina Gustafsson at NinasHundar in Kungsängen. Check out her instagram here.