Laser Lites Stripping shampoo -Deep cleansing shampoo for all fur types

195 kr
Type: Shampoo

Laser Lites Stripping shampoo

A quality shampoo that removes all old residues from both conditioner and packaging. This shampoo should be used once a month to get the coat properly and thoroughly clean and completely free of residues from various preparations. For best results finish treatment with Laser Lites Drape or < strong>Laser Lites Protein treatment.  Laser Lites Stripping Shampoo is suitable for all coat types even rough coat

How to use Laser Lite's Stripping Shampoo

  1. Dilute one part Laser Lites Stripping shampoo with 20 parts water.
  2. Massage the shampoo all over the coat.
  3. Rinse thoroughly to remove all shampoo from the coat.
  4. Finish the treatment with a conditioner or a wrap. (Stringy or hard coats do not need conditioner or treatment after the stripping process, but rinse thoroughly regardless).