Classic Dog Products Jojoba conditioner - Fur conditioner with Jojoba

169 kr
Type: Conditioner

Classic Dog Products Jojoba Balm when you want to liven up the coat.

This is a conditioner that contains a type of oil called jojoba. Jojoba oil helps revive dry and lifeless fur. Classic dog products Jojoba conditioner thus helps to get the coat soft and moisturized again. Works well as an everyday conditioner for all fur types.

How to use Classic Dog Product Jojoba Balm

  1. Dilute one part conditioner with five parts hot water and let cool.
  2. Start by shampooing the coat with the Jojoba shampoo for dogs.
  3. Rinse out.
  4. Massage the conditioner mixture into the coat and rinse through to distribute evenly throughout the coat.