Laser Lites Go Straight - Flattens wavy fur

125 kr
Type: Treatment

Laser Lites Go Straight perfect to use if you want to keep the coat flat

A product that flattens the coat and removes and controls unwanted waves. The product is silicone-free > and can be used in two different ways.

Use Laser Lite's Go Straight as a spray.

  1. Mix 10 ml of Go Straight with approx. 1 dl of hot water in a spray bottle.

  2. Shake the bottle well.

  3. Bathe and wash the dog as usual.

  4. Then sprays Go Straight throughout the coat.

  5. Do not rinse out the product, but blow dry and brush the fur dry and smooth.


Use Laser Lite's Go Straight concentrated.

  1. Moisten the coat first

  2. Use the product concentrated on the areas of the fur you want to treat.

  3. Then style the fur as you wish.