#1 All Systems Whitening/Brightening Shampoo - Optical shampoo for both dogs and cats

195 kr
Type: Shampoo

#1 All Systems Whitening / Brightening Shampoo

A shampoo completely without bleach but which nevertheless effectively removes discolouration, washes clean and enhances the fur's natural colour, without destroying the quality of the coat. The coat becomes clinically clean after using this product. The shampoo consists of natural ingredients and of course without both silicone and alcohol.


Get the most out of #1 All Systems Whitening Shampoo by combining them with #1 All Systems Whitening gel


How to use #1 All Systems Whitening Shampoo

  1. Wash the coat thoroughly with #1 All Systems Super Cleaning & Conditioning shampoo to remove all dirt
  2. Wash coat thoroughly with #1 All Systems Whitening Shampoo, leave on for at least 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.


The product can be diluted up to 10 times if your cat or dog has sensitive fur.