#1 All Systems Got hair Action Smoothing Keratin Shampoo 946ml - Shampoo with keratin for dogs and cats

275 kr
Type: Shampoo

#1 All Systems Got hair Action Smoothing Keratin Shampoo 946ml

One of the market's best keratin shampoo that improves the quality and appearance of the coat. The shampoo is equally suitable for dogs and cats. In addition to keratin, the shampoo also contains Aloe Vera and chamomile.

This is step #1 in the "Got Hair Action Series" and is best used in conjunction with Smoothing Serum and Hair Apparent.



  1. Start by brushing out the coat carefully. We recommend using #1 All Systems Hair Reviatalizer or .
  2. Wash the fur with Got Hair Action shampoo
  3. Dry the fur with towel and brush through it
  4. Apply Got Hair Action Smoothing serum< /strong>
  5. Seal everything by spraying Hair Apparent Humectant Moisturizing Condition Sprayevenly over the entire coat. Blow tort and style as you wish.