Laser Lites Herbal shampoo - A gentle fur shampoo for dogs and cats

195 kr
Type: Shampoo

Laser Lites Herbal shampoo the gentle shampoo.

A gentle shampoo that works even for the most sensitive dogs and cats. Perfect to use for the daily washes. The product is very highly concentrated and must be diluted.

Laser Lites Herbal Shampoo is silicone free.

How to use Laser Lites Herbal shampoo

  1. Dilute the shampoo by taking one part product to 20 parts water in a bottle.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Distribute and work through the coat.
  4. Rinse thoroughly from the shampoo.

For best results, finish washing with optional Laser Lite conditioner or wrap for best results.