Laser Lites Wow Detangler - Number One Detangler for Dogs and Cats

250 kr
Type: Treatment

Laser Lites Wow Detangler Superior tangle detangler for all types of fur

Laser Lite's Wow Detangler is a product that detangles tangles effortlessly on both dogs and cats. The product ensures that the cardan will slide through the coat without any problems. Also helps to remove various types of damage and dirt in the coat. Laser Lites Wow Detangler can also be used as a maintenance finish and for tangle detangling.

How to use Laser Lite's Wow detangler

Maintenance finish

Mix 2-4 corks (20-40 ml) with 10 liters of water.


T uninvestigator

  1. Take 2 caps (20ml) of Laser Lite's Wow Detangler in a 500ml spray bottle with hot water.
  2. Spray into the tangles and then brush out.