Laser Lites Maintenance Oil Fur oil for dogs and cats

125 kr
Type: oil

Laser Lites Maintenance Oil perfect to use between shows

A maintenance oil to maintain the coat when needed. Helps with tangles, lifelessness, moisturize the undercoat. Gives the fur anoily/glossy surface. Works very well to mix with Laser Lite's conditioner or other treatments.

How to use Laser Lite's Maintenance Oil

  1. Wash the coat with one of Laser Lite's shampoos
  2. Then rinse thoroughly and thoroughly.
  3. Use Laser Lite's conditioner or treatment but do not rinse off the coat.
  4. Massage in the Maintenance Oil mixture (2-6 capsules of Maintenance Oil are mixed with 10 liters of warm water and allowed to cool).
  5. Rinse the fur thoroughly.


Maintenance Oilcan also be mixed with Silk or Hylite. It can also be mixed in a spray bottle, 2 capsules to 500ml of hot water.